From the very beginning, Shelden Sweeping has had a clear vision of our purpose and our principles. We see our clients as our partners, united in a common purpose and mutual understanding to achieve shared objectives. We are a company with the hindsight of experience and long-term personal commitment, the insight of skilled and dedicated people, and the foresight to always look beyond and think ahead. The name Shelden Sweeping has been synonymous with the highest standards of quality and integrity in the sweeping business. Since the inception of the company in 1990, it has been our goal to become one of the very best companies in the sweeping industry. As a respected leader in the sweeping industry, our reputation is something we never stop building.
Before we give a service estimate on a property, we study each property's unique requirements to ensure the best approach. We carefully consider each and every step before we take it and evaluate the opportunities and challenges we may encounter along the way, fully prepared and always pro-active. When it would be easier to cut corners, we think better of it, refusing to compromise our standards and our commitment to our clients. We blow off the sidewalks connected to the parking areas and blow the leaves, trash and rocks out from the corners of the parking lot, underneath parked cars and around trash dumpsters.
Though we're proud of our work and what our company has accomplished, we're always considering ways we can improve and evaluating ideas that will make us better. We've always had a unique view of the work we do and the business we're on. It's this different perspective that makes us a different kind of sweeping company. We deal with potential problems before they arise. We proactively approach each property from the client's perspective. We complete every project we start. We guarantee our work. We provide other services that the property may require, such as cleaning off the top of carports, power washing, resurfacing and striping. 
I hope our company has a service it can provide for you.