Air Sweeper (Vacuum)
Air sweepers are essentially vacuums that sit on a truck.  They don't have any brooms that "scrub" the surface but they are very cost effective and can cover a large area in a short amount of time.  They are primarily used for high speed litter patrol and you will often find them in large shopping malls and in any large sized parking lot.
The type of machine used to sweep is called an Air Sweeper.    
It is mounted on a traditional pick-up truck and can sweep a large area in a short amount of time.
It is the type of machine that has a large, powerful vacuum head that drags on the ground  
  that sucks up the debris.  
It also emits a large blast of air to help dislodge debris.  
It has a sweeping path of 81.  
This is a cost-effective manner to keep your parking lot clean  
The machine can hold approximately 3 cubic yards of material.