Power Sweeper (Broom & Vacuum)
Power sweepers are machines that are brought to the job site on a trailer. Power sweepers have both a broom and vacuum system, so 2 different systems are being used to pick up the debris. They are unloaded off a trailer, perform their task, then loaded onto the trailer to be taken to the next job site. Water is not used, so no streaking occurs. They are very maneuverable and can reach most areas that other sweepers are unable to reach. Virtually all the dust is contained inside the unit, thus making this an environmentally friendly sweeper. They are designed to service a variety of properties from strip plazas to office parks, industrial parks, churches, restaurants, covered parking areas, and construction clean up jobs that do not require the machine to be driven on the roadways.
It is the type of machine with a broom running its entire width to scrub the surface.  
It also has a powerful vacuum to assist in picking up all of the debris.  
A second broom sweeps along the curbs.  
It has a sweeping path of 62 inches, including the curb broom.   
The machine does not use water. Dust is kept to a minimum through the use of  
  filters that prevent the dust and dirt particles from being thrown back into the air.  
It is very maneuverable and can fit into tight areas and covered parking areas  
  that most other machines cannot.   
The machine can hold approximately 3 cubic yards or 1000 lbs. of material.  
Power sweepers can also be used for smaller construction clean up jobs. Its powerful filters, combined with the broom and vacuum system, are ideal for picking up and containing the finest dust particles.