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We maintain parking lots and parking garages for a variety of customers including office complexes, retail strip malls, property management companies, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, etc. Our street sweepers are available for one time cleanings or daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance programs that will keep your properties looking great. Our sweepers pick up a variety of dirt and debris including trash, leaves, gravel, etc. Sweeping your asphalt and concrete surfaces prolongs the life of your parking area, reducing the frequency of resurfacing and other costly maintenance.
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Parking Lot Sweeping
The first thing we do when we enter a property is the detailing process.  We use back-pack blowers to blow off any debris that has accumulated on the walkways and in the corners of the parking lots. 
In addition, we hand pick large items from store front landscaping and planter areas.
We also blow behind any parking stones, around the dumpster sites, and any other areas that cannot be reached by the
sweeper. We then sweep the entire parking lot with the sweeping machine, picking up all the debris.
It is a fairly simple process. What is required in this line of work is quality and consistency. We provide you with both.
Why should you have your parking lot swept?
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Pressure Washing
Shelden Sweeping is available for steam-cleaning and pressure washing
heavy equipment (backhoes, bobcats, cranes, etc.) as well as fleet vehicles,
to remove oil and grease build-up.
Whether one piece of equipment or a whole fleet, we have a solution for you!
We also offer a day porter service to clean up loose trash and debris at commercial properties. Our day porter service includes removing garbage from storefronts and replacing trash bags in each container.
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